Jo Halpin Jones. Photographs of the Norfolk landscape and the landscapes of Morocco, Iceland, Spain and elsewhere worldwide. Portraits, natural history and architecture.

Jo Halpin Jones is a West Norfolk photographer with a rapidly increasing reputation for her landscape, seascape and abstract images. When Jo turned towards a photographic career in 2000, it was the Norfolk coast with its enormous skies, and the beautiful north coast hinterland that provided the initial inspiration for her work. The Norfolk landscape continues to appeal, but Jo’s photographic travels now take her all over the world.

Jo finds it difficult to define exactly what photographic subjects she specialises in. Wherever she goes she is on the lookout for texture, colours, patterns, juxtaposition of shapes, quirky associations of objects, mood and atmosphere, light and shadow, or catching people at some expressive moment. It is the unusual or abstract image that is particularly appealing.

Many images stand on their own merits, but with a few she finds that a subtle (or occasionally not so subtle) tweaking in Photoshop can produce very pleasing results. People often comment that Jo’s photographs are painterly (or even believed actually to be paintings), and this tends to be even more so with the digitally enhanced ones.

Apart from her work in fine art photography, Jo Halpin Jones also carries out work in other areas of photography:

  • Contributor of environmental and natural history images to the Frank Lane Picture Agency
  • Digital restoration of damaged or faded black and white or colour photographs
  • Informal portraits of children, adults and pets
  • Photography for websites, particularly of artists’ work
  • Miscellaneous commissioned work for events, venues, commercial enterprises, etc.
  • Design of leaflets and posters
  • Scanning and enlargement of images
  • Individual or group Photoshop tutorials

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